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Adriana Bodrero 

Light is without a doubt the protagonist of Adriana Bodrero’s stained glass and sculpture. Light that solidifies or dissolves into colors and shades, intense or subtle, creates forms and images but overall provokes emotion. The decorative effects produced are not only refined within themselves, they exist and yes satisfy our aesthetic desires, but can be overall interpreted as the result of an act of love by an artist faced with a material both fascinating and mysterious, born from the union of earth, water, and fire and transformed, by air, into poetry. Glass, by it’s nature, has always inspired intense sensations within us and light gives physical form to the sensations that Adriana instills in her creations. They become incredibly real and alive, ready to transmit emotion in every instant of their daily use: “beauty, utility, and art are not only poetry but also reason”. Adrianna’s artistic inspiration is supported by a sound professional background which allows her to realize her designs on just about any scale, from notably large to delicately small.


Adriana’s works always exist harmoniously with the environment for which they were intended. She has an ability to sense her client’s inner self and, filtering those impressions with her own personal sensibilities, adapts the work for their outer, personal space. The functionality of her glassworks are always based on the beauty of their forms along with the poetry of inspiration. —Annamaria Sciurpi

We invite you to discover the art of Adriana Bodrero through this her interactive gallery.